Available Trainings
for SITT Therapists

The Fundamentals

Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Care and Recovery

This course presents the fundamentals of trauma impact, trauma-informed care, and an overview of the path to trauma recovery. Suitable for anyone in a helping profession. This course is the prerequisite for both the 6-Day Core training for therapists and the 3-Day training for mentors..

Offered both in on-demand video form and periodically in-person or by webinar.

Cost: $249.

The Core SITT Training

The Story-Informed Core Training

This is the primary SITT Training, introducing the 9 Stage Model. This training is offered over 6 days. Suitable for therapists and those training to be therapists. Note that Fundamentals of Trauma-Informed Care and Recovery is a required prerequisite to take this course.

Offered annually in January as a live online training and periodically in-person.

Cost: $950 with discounts and payment plan available.
Apply for discounts for Interns & Seminary Students.
50% Alumni discount code automatically emailed.

Supplemental Training

Self-Care & Trauma Stewardship

Being able to care for our own mental health is essential to longevity in the field. This might be the most important training you attend for your professional development. This two-day training will teach you the 10 keys to professional survival so that you can continue to enjoy the work that you do long into the future—with a trainer who has been in the trenches for more than forty years.

This course is offered as a live webinar.

Cost: $249

The Impact of Trauma on Spiritual Formation & Development

This 5-hour video training addresses the impact of trauma on spiritual formation and religious practice. If a trauma victim is a religious person or was raised in a religious home, the trauma will have shaped their spiritual experience. This is especially true when trauma took place in a religious environment or where the perpetrator was a trusted religious leader or parent. This is a SITT supplemental and is also appropriate for pastors and other helping professionals.

This course is offered as an on-demand video training.

Cost: $99.