SITT Certification

Supervision Outline

Session One: Introductions, review of professional CV, description of current therapeutic practice, supervision orientation, explanation and establishment of the certification process.

Session Two: Demonstration of an understanding of your own story with explanation of themes, impact areas, countertransference considerations, and recovery experience.

Session Three: Case conceptualization within the SITT Model, with an understanding of the stage progression with associated stage components. Assessment and discussion of a current client within the SITT model and their placement in the SITT process.

Session Four: Introduction and explanation of the SITT model to clients, with description of the SITT process and therapeutic benefits.

Session Five: Understanding and explaining trauma impact and PTSD responses within the SITT Model.

Session Six: Utilizing Genograms to identify transgenerational trauma and dysfunctional family patterns and family themes.  

Session Seven: Utility and application of the SITT Timeline, information processing, and traumatic memory processing.

Session Eight: Competency demonstrated in reading a client’s story, including the story elements of trauma lessons, skills development, and associated feelings. 

Session Nine: Navigating areas of trauma impact by addressing issues of responsibility resolution, polarized thinking, power and control, trust, and self-image. 

Session Ten: Navigating areas of trauma impact by addressing issues of boundaries, fears, protections, parenting, forgiveness, body image, and sexual recovery.