SITT Certification

Get trained as a SITT Therapist.
Show your competence with Certification.

As the popularity of SITT grows, more clients are looking for therapists that have been trained in the model. Making a distinction between therapists who have been trained in SITT and those that have gone on to demonstrate their mastery of the model provides clients additional information as they choose their therapist. Clients want the confidence that the therapist they are choosing is qualified to lead them on the therapeutic journey of recovery.

You can begin using the Story-Informed Trauma Therapy model in your practice as soon as you complete the SITT Training. By also pursuing certification, you can demonstrate your experience and competence to future clients. Therapists that desire to further their training, can work toward becoming SITT Supervisors, guiding others through the Certification process.

Follow the steps below to move toward SITT Certification.

Step 1

Take the Fundamentals course.

Begin your SITT journey by taking the Fundamentals of Trauma Informed Care & Recovery course. You can do this without having to decide whether you want to pursue SITT Certification. You can take the on-demand video version immediately or wait for a live webinar. Sign up for notification for when these are scheduled.

Step 2

Take the SITT Training.

Develop your understanding and skills by taking the 6-day Story-Informed Trauma Therapy training. You can do this without having to decide whether you want to pursue SITT Certification. This training is offered annually as a live, interactive webinar each January.  Sign up for notification for when these are available for registration.


You are now Level 1 SITT Trained.

After satisfactorily completing the two above trainings, you can now identify as SITT Trained, and optionally can be included in the SITT Therapist Registry.

Step 3

Begin Supervision.

You can participate in both Peer group and Individual Supervision concurrently or in either order.

Join a Peer Group.

If you are ready to move toward certification, join a monthly SITT Peer Supervision group. A minimum of 4 sessions are required for Certification, but you will find this process helpful in applying the principles and tools of the SITT model. To get started, fill out this Peer Group Request Form.

Begin Individual Supervision.

The last step before you can apply for Certification is to complete a minimum of 10 sessions of Individual Supervision with an approved SITT Supervisor. Total number of supervision sessions will be dictated by the supervisor based on your competency in and understanding of SITT principles and practices. Fees for supervision sessions are set by the supervisor. If you’re ready to begin, fill out this Individual Supervision Request Form.

Step 4

Prepare for Certification Application

As you near the end of Individual Supervision, begin to prepare the required materials for your application. Among other things, your application will need to include: 

  • An updated CV
  • A letter of Recommendation from a SITT Trained Colleague
  • A letter of Recommendation from your SITT Supervisor

Step 5

Submit your Application for Certification

When you’ve completed 4 Peer Group sessions and Individual Supervision, you are ready to submit your application for Certification. Do so by filling out the Certification Request Form and paying the $200 fee.


You are now Level 2 SITT Certified.

After satisfactorily completing the above requirements and having your application reviewed and approved, you can now identify as SITT Certified and optionally can be included in the SITT Therapist Registry as a SITT Certified Therapist.