Therapeutic Mentor

Pacific Northwest

Beavercreek, OREGON

Kent Burtner, M. Div.

Pastoral Counseling, specializing in assisting those effected by high control groups, spiritual abuse and cults. Sliding fee scale, telehealth friendly.

Vancouver, Washington

Lani Kent

Specializing in trauma, dissociative disorders, CPTSD, and the use of therapeutic art processes in recovery. Private pay only. Sliding fees & telehealth available

FAQs about Story-Informed Therapeutic Mentors:

Therapists can identify as SITT Trained after completing 54 hours of training. They will have completed the Foundations of Trauma Informed Care course and the core Story-Informed Trauma Therapy training.

A therapist can identify as SITT Certified after they have completed the SITT certification track. This includes 54 hours of instruction, a rigorous application process, participating in Peer supervision, and completing a course of supervision under a SITT supervisor to verify skill development and competency.

At the conclusion of each SITT training, therapists will be given the opportunity to submit their information to be included.

If you are already listed on the registry and need to update your information, you can do so on this form.