Story-Informed Therapeutic Mentor Certification

Get trained as a Story-Informed Therapeutic Mentor.
Show your competence with Certification.

You can make a significant and lasting difference in peoples’ lives without a professional clinical degree. As you sit with people, you have heard their stories, seen their struggles, felt their pain, and wanted to help. Maybe you have considered returning to school to become a professional therapist, but your season of life, time, or finances have made that impossible. But, you still want to help bring healing to hurting people. Story-informed Therapeutic Mentoring (SITM) can provide a path for you to enter into peoples’ stories in a life-changing way.

People’s pain is most often rooted in their unresolved stories. By becoming a Story-informed Therapeutic Mentor, you can step into their stories with training, confidence, and skill. Certification offers an additional level of preparation, equipping, and competence.

Certification provides assurance to people that you have not only been trained but you have been vetted, supervised in the application of story work, and demonstrated competence in your ability to lead them through the recovery process.

Certification provides you with hours of one-on-one supervision, giving you feedback on how to apply the Story-informed model with the people you are serving. In addition, through peer supervision, you will have the opportunity to hear from others as they join you in applying the Story-informed model in real-life situations. The combination of individual supervision with a trained SITM Supervisor and peer supervision with others learning the SITM model gives you the strongest foundation for guiding others into growth, healing, and change.