The Trauma Survivor Workshop

Our unresolved childhood stories follow us, often making it difficult or impossible to truly thrive as adults. This workshop is designed to help you better understand the nature of childhood trauma, how we respond to these types of hurts as children, the lasting impact of abuse, and finally the road to recovery. You’ll find understanding, direction, and hope for survivors, for partners and those who support them. 

This 5 hour course is offered both as an on-demand video course and a periodic in-person workshop.

Cost: $49

The Forgiveness Workshop

Few topics have been subjected to as much misinformation as forgiveness. This workshop explores what forgiveness actually means, what it doesn’t mean, what conditions are required, how intimate injuries harm us, and what is involved in the stages of a forgiveness process. Ideal for those who have found it difficult to reconcile forgiveness with your own personal journey and sense of justice.

This course is offered as an on-demand video course.

Cost: $19

The Untangled Heart Workshop

Emotions can be wonderful! They can also be confusing and inconvenient. Worse yet, they can seem debilitating. The consequences are pain, broken relationships, and disruption in our lives. We can learn how to experience and understand our emotions without being derailed by them. Therapists refer to this as attunement, where we learn how to identify, understand, and regulate our emotional responses. Our emotions are a good and purposeful part of who we are. We don’t need to hide from our emotions or deny them.

This 5 hour course is offered both as an on-demand video course.

Cost: $65

FAQs about Workshops

Workshops that are offered as an on-demand video training were filmed live at an in-person event. That footage was edited into appropriate sections and uploaded to an online learning platform. By purchasing the course, you gain access to that platform and can watch the video training on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at your convenience.

No. Once you enroll you will have "lifetime access," which means that as long as the video platform remains available, the course will be available to you. The only deadline would be one you and your therapist agree to.

Sometimes. The best way to know when workshops are being offered in person is to subscribe to the SITT Email List, so you can be notified. Sign up here.