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Removal: If you are requesting your listing to be removed, simply select the option for “Remove My Listing,” enter your name, and then check the Confirm & Consent at the bottom.

Edits: If you are requesting specific edits to parts of your listing, select the “Edit My Listing” option. Then fill out your name and only the other relevant sections of the form where you want to make changes. Then Confirm & Consent at the bottom.

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i.e., Amanda Lee, LCSW. Note that there isn’t space for a long list of credentials, so pick what matters most. Also, you do not need to list SITT here, since all therapists on the registry are either trained or certified in SITT.
i.e., Portland, Oregon
How do folks who live where you live describe your geographic region? For example, the Pacific Northwest, or the Gulf Coast. This is used to subdivide the registry into geographic regions.
Practice Description

Write a brief description, up to 170 characters, to help prospective clients quickly determine if you might be a potential match for their needs.

Example descriptions:

“Specializing in trauma care, PTSD, and CPTSD. EMDR trained. Licensed in NC and SC. Christian provider. Accepts some insurance.”

“I can help you develop and restore healthy relationships. Process and overcome trauma, bringing healing & happiness back into your life.”

“I work with survivors of trauma, complex grief, and somatic symptoms. My modalities include EMDR, Sandtray, and CPT. Holistic care that brings sustainable wellness.”

170 characters maximum.
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