Client Handouts

Choosing a Therapist

Selecting a therapist is an important decision to be done with great care. This handout provides a framework for choosing your therapist.

FAMILI Exercise

The FAMILI Exercise is a comprehensive inventory of feelings, attitudes, messages, impressions, and lessons learned during early childhood.

Genogram Reference

A Genogram is a visual representation of family relationships. This reference shows the symbols necessary to complete a Genogram.

Holes & Piles

The Principle of Holes & Piles helps clients think about how events in their childhood impacted them, including both unmet needs and painful events.

How we Hide from Pain

Four predictable coping mechanisms persist in the lives of trauma survivors. When these show up, you can be sure that there is untended pain being ...

Is Self-care Christian?

A brief study from the Gospel of Mark considering if self-care is appropriate for Christians and the distinction between selfishness and selfness.

The Dual Paths of Recovery

Because our traumatic injury impacted both our thoughts and feelings, the road to recovery cannot pass through just one or the other. Both are necessary. ...