Tools for SITT Clients

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Support your recovery journey through workshops that can help you understand key areas of your healing, like forgiveness, the impact of childhood trauma, or the impact of trauma on your spiritual life.

SITT Therapist Registry

Find a SITT trained or certified therapist who can help you in your journey of recovery. The SITT Therapist Registry lists current therapists, their location, and whether they see clients remotely.


Your SITT therapist may recommend you watch one of these short explainer videos to help you think through various aspects of your recovery.

SITT Handouts

Your SITT therapist may ask you to read one of the provided handouts.They are provided in both an online version and a PDF you can print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Story-Informed Trauma Therapy is growing and more therapists are added to the registry each year, but it is often the case that there might not be one available in your area. Check the registry for any who are able to do tele-health remote sessions. If there is no therapist available, you may be able to start your journey with a Story-Informed Therapeutic Mentor.

Story-Informed Trauma Therapy provides a framework for your therapist to gently guide you in the process of resolving the hurts in your story. Think of it as a toolbox. SITT therapists are often trained in a variety of modalities, and use a variety of tools, like EMDR, when the therapeutic process calls for it.

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