About SITT & Byron Kehler

Byron Kehler, M.S. is a Trauma Therapist in private practice in Portland, Oregon, and the developer of Story-Informed Trauma Therapy.

Over the course of 40 years of practice, Byron developed this unique and effective model for recovery from early childhood trauma. Now this evidence-based model has been taught to mental health therapists around the country and has been proven effective in reducing PTSD symptomatology and improving the lives of trauma survivors.

He is certified by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and is certified in EMDR with a specialization in Dissociative Disorders. Byron has worked extensively with survivors of physical, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual abuse for more than four decades. 

He has also presented on various childhood trauma recovery themes internationally and around the country at churches, social services agencies, public and private schools, ministry organizations, colleges, universities, and professional conferences. He has provided humanitarian relief services for natural disasters in Asia after the tsunami and the gulf coast post-hurricane Katrina, training therapists in trauma recovery.

In addition to understanding the impact of sexual abuse on the survivor, Byron is familiar with the motivations and thinking of offenders. He has worked with the Morrison Center’s juvenile sexual offender program in Portland, Oregon for over 25 years teaching victim empathy awareness to youth that offend. He is the producer and director of a documentary called Speak Out which contains candid interviews with offenders and survivors brought together to talk about the abuse experience. This documentary is currently being used in a number of offender treatment programs around the country.

Byron brings extensive knowledge, understanding, sensitivity, compassion, practicality, and even humor to his presentations.  

We are dedicated to leading people through childhood trauma recovery into health and wholeness.

Our Mission

To provide a therapeutic roadmap for health and healing through knowing, understanding, and accepting our stories.

Our Vision

To break the cycle of generational trauma by equipping people to live healthier lives through the processing of their personal stories.

Our Core Values